Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Its been a while...

So much has happened since I last posted but now that things are beginning to settle down I thought I would give and update and soon will be back in the swing of things. My mother had a stroke about 4 weeks ago now and after reluctantly leaving Dennis at home on his own I flew to Texas to be with my mother. She is at home now and doing much better so I am also back at home. Dennis had family members who took him shopping and checked in on him, cooked some meals for him and made sure he was doing ok.

Well, to update on his health. The infection in his toe came back. So his doctor has refered him to a podiatrist to have something done with the nail so the infection will clear up. Also, his pain management had been concerned about his heart rate and blood pressure. His blood pressure has been riding on the high side of normal and after the 2 hour drive in severe pain for him for his visits his blood pressure would be in the high zone. So they decided that they would need to wait until he was on medication for his blood pressure, but more for his heart rate which is always above 100 and normally around 110. We saw his family doctor about it and she prescribed him a medication to lower his heart rate and his blood pressure. Once this is under control he can have the trial implant. Of course we are still waiting on approval from insurance for the implant, they like to take their time.

His doctor also added a second antidepressant, Celexa. They are hoping it will help him some along with the other one he is taking. He has had RSD about 2 1/2 yrs now and although he has done a good job keeping his spirits up its starting to get to him. Yes he has had times int he past he has said things to me about feeling like he isnt a whole man or how he feels like he has failed at being a good husband because he can't provide for me. But lately I have watched him get more and more depressed. I try to keep him busy mentally but the medications he is on have him forgetting things, they have him falling asleep, he is getting more and more frustrated waiting on the implant because although he knows it might not work at all, to him its hope for a more pain free life that he so desperately wants. Its hard to hear him tell me that he has forgotten what it was like to walk.

Anyway, tomorrow is his appointment with the podiatrist about his toe, Ill try to update tomorrow night about how he is doing and what they did. We wish everyone a pain free and happy day!