Monday, June 17, 2013

Struggling but still here!

So its been a while since I last posted for Dennis. Its been a hard road. I'm very happy to tell you that he finally has a therapist for his depression! It's a relief for him to be able to get things off his back. She (his therapist) took him off the Cymbalta and put him on Zoloft. It is already been making a difference in how he feels emotionally. She put him on Vistaril to help him sleep. It's helping him although he still is having trouble falling asleep, but once asleep usually does sleep better unless he is in a lot of pain then he cant sleep. He now takes all his Gabapentin at one time too, in the evening.

After hearing back from insurance that they will not reimburse anything for going to Ohio to have his surgery done, I'm back to searching for places in Michigan. I'm also trying to put together a list of all the places Ive called and talked to only to find out they wont work with the insurance on it. Tomorrow I'm going to be calling a place in Mt Pleasant, to see if they do the SCS implants. Its most likely a lost cause but I have to try for Dennis.

Its so hard seeing him suffer every day. I'm so angry that his family doesn't at least try to visit him, or help me with things for him. I'm all alone trying to figure things out, make calls, get him things he needs. I don't know anyone in the area except family and quite frankly everyone is wrapped up in their own universe and we just aren't part of it. My niece is getting married at the end of summer so I understand some are busy with that. But how hard is it to walk 30 feet and tell your son you love them or tell your brother I love you. That's a part of RSD/CRPS, it's heart breaking. Your family, your friends, they all slowly disappear. I have grown to hate this place where we live. The town, the state... I cant tell you how badly I would like to move. But God seems to have other plans for us right now. So Ill keep pushing through day by day and just try to be here for Dennis. Ill write more when I have some news. Peace and healing for all!