Thursday, October 2, 2014

Its been awhile

So its been awhile since I posted. Life got busy, had too much going on and half the time I didnt have 5 minutes to myself except to facebook on my phone a little bit. Forgive me!

So much has happened. We met Dr Atallah who is a neurosurgeon and pain management doctor in Toledo Ohio. He performed the SCS Implant on Dennis. Dennis's pain is much better. Down to a 4/5 from an 8 so it helped about 50% which was the target. He cant walk still. He only got the implant a week ago so he has a long recovery ahead of him. Around Christmas to the first of the year we should be able to find him a physical therapist to help with learning to walk again. He is able to wear a shoe now, for short periods of time. The doctor said it will take "months and months" for the pain to ease on the bottom of his foot because its mechanical not nerve pain. Its caused from not walking in 7 years. His right foot is angled out when he walks (using crutches), thats due to him wearing a walking boot for 7 years. I hope that he will improve from here. He is already sleeping better. He is awake more often, he is taking less Dilaudid 4 pills from 6 pills a day. I keep telling him that a baby step is still a step forward. Ok thats all I have in me today. Hope you have a pain free day!