Monday, January 10, 2011

The new year...

Well here is hoping that the new year will be better for us. We are still waiting on info on this doctor up in Bay City that his nurse wants him to see. I'm praying that he will work out the way we need him to so that Dennis can get his surgery he so desperately wants. Day by day goes by and I'm watching him get more and more depressed. He is going to start getting therapy for chronic depression soon, hopefully he will start sometime this month. I think getting him the right meds and getting him some therapy can maybe help him get out of this mental slump he is in. 2 days this week now he just stayed in bed most or all of the day sleeping. Some could be the meds he takes sure, but I think its a combination of meds and depression. There's been no change in his condition. He slowly gets worse really. They slowly up his meds. He hates taking them. He has a couple of doctor appointments this week, one is to get a new cam boot to replace the one hes been wearing for the last 3.5 yrs. He will be happy if he can get a shorter one that's cooler in the summer. His foot and leg gets so hot hes just miserable in the summertime. Anyway, I'm watching him sleep and just wanted to post real fast. If anyone's out there... take care of yourself!

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